Hurricane and Storm Policy

What to do in case of a hurricane

Hurricane Instructions

In the unfortunate event that a hurricane threatens Hatteras Island, you must follow instructions from local authorities and Hatteras Island Vacation Rentals.  We will help you with the necessary procedures in this scenario.

If there is an evacuation ordered by Dare County, follow the procedures below.

If there is not an evacuation, but the storm is expected to produce heavy rain and wind, we ask that guests help prepare their vacation homes for the expected conditions.  See the checklist below.

Hurricane Policy

If you purchased travel insurance, you will be able to file a claim.  If you don't purchase travel insurance, there are no refunds due to hurricanes or hurricane evacuations.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a protection plan that protects our guests against unexpected occurrences such as last minute trip cancellation, medical problems or weather interruptions.  We use a certified partner of RentalGuardian which is licensed to sell travel insurance.

More info on the policies we offer:

Travel insurance Coverage may be purchased at the following times:

If you book within 30 days of your arrival date, travel insurance coverage can be purchased:

Hurricane and Evacuation Procedures

Voluntary Evacuation

A voluntary evacuation means that you are encouraged to leave the area, but it is not mandatory. If you choose to stay, you do so at your own risk.

Mandatory Evacuation

A mandatory evacuation means that you are required to leave the area. If you do not evacuate, you could be subject to fines or arrest.

How to Exit Hatteras Island

Exit Hatteras Island to the North only.  Authorities may direct you to the safest evacuation route.

Storm Preparation Checklist

  1. Close and lock all windows and doors.
  2. Strap hot tub covers tightly to secure them.
  3. Close all interior doors.
  4. Close and lock all gates, porch doors, and outside shower doors.
  5. Place outside trash cans in the outdoor shower stall or underneath the home.
  6. Stack any lightweight furniture in a corner of the pool area.
  7. Let us know when you depart if you can do so safely, and drive safely!

When is it Safe to Return to my Vacation Rental?

After the storm passes, check with Dare County Emergency Management via:

Once it is safe, you may return and enjoy the rest of your vacation!