Hatteras Island Weather

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Weather on Hatteras Island, NC

Hatteras Island is a beautiful barrier island located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The island is known for its stunning beaches, clear waters, and abundance of wildlife. Read on for more information about weather around Cape Hatteras.

Hatteras Island Ocean Temperature

Water near Cape Hatteras is often 5-10 degrees warmer than water at beaches to the north at Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head.  Cape Hatteras has similar ocean water temperatures as beaches further south such as Wilmington and Myrtle Beach.  This is related to how the gulf stream carries warm water up along the East Coast of the United States and the Outer Banks.  If you're looking to swim or dip your feet in the Ocean, Hatteras Island will have more comfortable water than the northern Outer Banks beaches.

Current Ocean Temperature

Live ocean temperatures at each Outer Banks town:

Corolla ocean water temperature Kill Devil Hills ocean water temperature Cape Hatteras ocean water temperature

Sound vs Ocean Water Temperature

Water temperatures in the sound and ocean vary depending on a number of factors, including the time of year, the depth of the water, and the proximity to the open ocean. In general, water temperature in the sound is warmer than the ocean. This is because the sounds are more protected from the wind and waves, which helps to keep the water warmer. 

This is especially true of sound water near Cape Hatteras where water depths are only 1 to 3 feet deep, which results in warmer water temperatures in the sound when compared to the ocean.  Many Hatteras Island visitors are aware of this and seek out soundfront vacation homes with beach access where visitors can walk out into the shallow, calm sound water hundreds of yards from the shoreline.

Pool Water Temperature

Vacation homes with pools will typically have pool water temperatures warmer than the ocean for the same reasons as above.  If you prefer even warmer pool water, find a Hatteras Island vacation home with a heated pool.

Ocean Water Temperatures near Cape Hatteras

Most visitors to Hatteras Island enjoy comfortable swimming once water temperatures reach 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typically the case between late April into December.

Cape Hatteras Water Temperatures
Cape Hatteras Water Temperatures

Current Cape Hatteras NC Weather

April and October Weather in Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras weather in April and October is mild and pleasant. The average high temperature in April is 69 degrees Fahrenheit according to NOAA and the average high temperature in October is 74 degrees Fahrenheit.  Average nightly lows during April and October are in the 50s.  Many visitors enjoy this comfortable weather during these months as opposed to the heat and humidity in the summer months.

Cape Hatteras Average Temperatures
Cape Hatteras Average Temperatures

Cape Hatteras Weather

Cape Hatteras weather in the summer months is hot and humid. The average high temperature in July is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Despite the heat, summer is the most popular time of year to visit Hatteras Island.

Cape Hatteras Wind Speeds

Wind speeds on Hatteras Island vary depending on the time of year.  In general, winter is the windiest time of year.  Spring, Summer and Fall typically have calmer winds, with August having the calmest winds of the year.

Cape Hatteras Wind Speeds
Cape Hatteras Wind Speeds

Hatteras Island Weather

As you can see above, the weather on Hatteras Island makes it one of the best destinations year round.  Whether you prefer the heat or cooler weather, there's an ideal time of year for everyone to visit Hatteras Island.

Hatteras Weather

Since Hatteras is a village on Hatteras Island near Cape Hatteras, Hatteras weather is identical to the weather on Hatteras Island.  Hatteras Village will provide the same weather as described here.

Best Time to Visit Hatteras Island

The best time to visit Hatteras Island will vary depending on your family's needs, but spring or fall is considered the best time to come when the weather is mild and pleasant. If you are planning to visit in the summer, be sure to pack sunscreen and a hat, as the sun can be very strong.  Even better, wear a long-sleeved or hooded swim shirt to protect yourself from the sun and you'll only need sunscreen for exposed skin.