Where to Take Kiteboarding Lessons on Hatteras Island

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Where to Take Kiteboard Lessons on Hatteras Island


Kiteboarding is an exciting adventure that unlocks a new world of fascinating and memorable adventures. Hatteras Island is best known for its wind conditions and vast beaches, so it is among the major destinations for both enthusiasts and beginners. We'll take you through the most popular spots for taking kiteboard lessons on Hatteras Island so that you are fully ready to ride the winds and waves like a pro.

Discover the Best of Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island, one of the gems of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, is a place where the always consistent blowing at its shores makes it a perfect setting for kiteboarding with its shallow waters. Whether a beginner needs basic strokes or a professional is seeking to refine your skills, Hatteras Island provides all skills learning environments.

Outer Banks Kiting

If you are looking for the ultimate kiteboarding experience then look no further than Outer Banks Kiting, owned by Jay Crawford.  Jay and his team offer several options for those seeking lessons and/or gear for kiteboarding, e-foiling, wing surfing & more.  Click here to find more info including any current discounts.

Real Watersports

Kiteboarding lessons on foil board
Real Watersports - Kiteboarding on foil board

Real Watersports leads the way in kiteboarding education by offering lessons tailored to skill levels. Located in Waves, this renowned center does not only provide lessons but also hosts several events and camps. Their extensive training programs, which are supervised by qualified instructors, have a strong emphasis on pleasure, skill, and safety, making them the perfect place to start your kiteboarding adventure.

Kitty Hawk Kites

Kiteboarding lessons
Kitty Hawk Kites - Kitboarding Lessons

For those who enjoy kiteboarding, Kitty Hawk Kites is a great option. Recognized for their range of water sports activities they deliver personalized kiteboarding lessons at locations across Hatteras Island. Kitty Hawk Kites prioritizes safety measures and provides attention to ensure that each student has a memorable and enriching learning experience.

OceanAir Sports

Kiteboarding lessons
OceanAir Sports - Kitboarding Lessons

Located in Avon, OceanAir Sports stands as an exceptional destination for both newcomers and skilled kiteboarders. Priding itself on a warm, nurturing atmosphere, OceanAir Sports offers tailored instruction and cutting-edge gear. The knowledgeable instructors, brimming with dedication, are committed to helping you in attaining your kiteboarding goals – be it conquering your inaugural aerial maneuver or refining your existing technique to pristine perfection.

Exploring Further

Hatteras Island provides plenty of kiteboarding possibilities apart from the well-known locations. A multitude of beaches and bays are scattered across the island, ideal for this thrilling activity. The island's geography lets you kiteboard in almost any wind direction, making it a flexible place for this sport.


Taking kiteboarding lessons on Hatteras Island is the first step toward an unforgettable water adventure. With top training centers like Real Watersports, Kitty Hawk Kites, and OceanAir Sports, the island provides excellent instruction, equipment, and conditions. As you gain kiteboarding skills, the island's wind and waves become thrilling companions for your water journey. Get ready to harness the wind, embrace the waves, and unlock a world of adventure on Hatteras Island.