Water Sports Rentals on Hatteras Island, OBX

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Explore Water Sports Rentals on Hatteras Island


Hatteras Island, a gem located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, offers abundant aquatic adventures for every thrill-seeker. Glide across sparkling waters on a tranquil boat tour or carve through cresting waves on an exhilarating jet ski ride – the choice is yours. We will guide you to places that have boat and jet ski rentals, as well as other exciting types of watercraft, so that you can definitely have an awesome island getaway. Guess what? We have a discount waiting for you, so keep reading! we've got a special discount just for you, so keep reading!

Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Ocean Atlantic Rentals is a great place to rent various types of water sports gear such as kayaks, surf boards, standup paddleboards, etc.  You will also find an Ocean Atlantic discount code on our web site!

Hatteras Water Sports

Hatteras Water Sports
Hatteras Island Surfers

First up in our list is Hatteras Watersports, a must-go for every water enthusiast. Hatteras Watersports provides exciting water activities for all skill levels. From the range of rentals—be it kayaks, paddleboards, or high-speed jet skis - Hatteras Watersports caters to all levels of experience. Either one might want to go over their calm water slowly or feel the adrenaline required to skip across the sea quickly; they have got it all covered. Definitely take a moment to check out our special discounts for more great ways to make your adventure with Hatteras Island Vacation Rentals even more fun.

Charlie's Boat Rentals

Sunset kayaker
Sunset kayaker

Next up is Charlie's Boat Rentals, standing for those who would like to trounce about the waters with more privacy and freedom. Specializing in small boat rentals, Charlie's allows one to be a captain on their own adventure. Discover secluded coves, cast lines into bountiful waters, or bask in the sun's radiance from your rented vessel's deck. An ideal choice for families or groups seeking to create their unique memories on the water.

Kitty Hawk Kites

Kitty Hawk Kites is a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts. They provide diverse aquatic adventures beyond just renting jet skis. Visitors can explore the exhilarating realm of jet packs and soar above the scenery with parasailing. For a thrilling blend of excitement and breathtaking views, Kitty Hawk Kites delivers an unforgettable experience. Their skilled instructors prioritize safety, making it an ideal choice for both newcomers and seasoned adventurers.

Slash Creek Outfitters

For the more casual followers of water exploration throughout Hatteras Island, Slash Creek Outfitters is a known offering of all varieties of paddle sports equipment. You may easily rent a canoe, paddleboard, or kayak and take a leisurely paddle through the quiet waters bordered by everything in its natural state on the island, out on the water. Perfect for a nature lover or one who seeks relaxation.

Additional Adventures

Hatteras Island boasts diverse water recreation beyond boats and jet skis. Kayak, stand-up paddleboard, and parasailing rentals enable unique connections with the island's breathtaking scenery and its rich marine life. Explore all available options to fully appreciate Hatteras Island's wonders.

Boat cruise


Hatteras Island is a paradise for water sports lovers and just the right kind of people who want to explore the beauty of the Atlantic in some exciting ways. Whether you prefer to tour from the deck of a boat or jet ski across crystal-clear waters, adventure awaits. Plus, it's easy to plan your next water-bound experience when you book with our preferred partner, Hatteras Island Vacation Rentals, who extends exclusive discounts to all future friends of the island. Dive into the adventure that awaits on Hatteras Island - where your next great vacation begins.