View Live Highway 12 Traffic & Weather Cameras on Hatteras Island

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View Live Highway 12 Traffic Cameras on Your Next Visit to Hatteras Island

Traveling to Hatteras Island, a coastal gem in North Carolina's Outer Banks, can be an amazing journey. But like any popular destination, knowing road conditions in advance can smooth your visit. Thankfully, DriveNC provides real-time traffic information including incidents, congestion, weather issues - to visitors and locals. This guide helps you use DriveNC's traffic cameras for a hassle-free trip to Hatteras.

It's easy. Simply access the website before departing. Scan the camera feeds covering your route. Then plan your timing and alternate routes accordingly. With this free resource, you'll sail right to your island getaway.  There are many cameras along Highway 12 to help you identify problem spots whether it's due to road work, an accident, excess traffic congestion or weather issues such as ocean over wash.

Embarking on a journey to Hatteras Island, whether it's your first trip or a seasoned visitor, staying informed about the prevailing road conditions can significantly elevate your travel experience. From unexpected traffic congestion to road closures prompted by inclement weather, being adequately prepared enables you to circumvent delays and maximize your time amidst the island's enchanting allure. offers an invaluable resource, a comprehensive tool designed to keep you apprised, featuring strategically live traffic cameras throughout Dare County, including Hatteras Island.

Step 1: Navigating to Dare County on

Start your journey to a hassle-free trip by visiting Once there, the process to access real-time road conditions is simple. The initial step involves searching for "Dare County" at the top of the page. Dare County is your gateway to accessing detailed traffic information for Hatteras Island and its surroundings.

Mirlo Beach Traffic Camera
Mirlo Beach Traffic Camera

Step 2: Utilizing Map Filters for Traffic Cameras, Congestion, Incidents & Weather

After navigating to Dare County, you'll notice several map filters at your disposal. These filters are invaluable tools for tailoring the information to your specific needs. To get a comprehensive overview of the road conditions, turn on the map filters for cameras and congestion. Depending on your preferences, you may also explore other filters available on the site to refine the information displayed further.

Step 3: Selecting Hatteras Island Traffic Cameras

Dare County Traffic Cameras

With your filters set, the map will reveal various icons representing traffic cameras, congestion points, and other relevant traffic information. Look for the camera icons located along Hatteras Island. Selecting any of these icons will open a live image or video feed, providing you with a real-time view of the road conditions. This feature is particularly useful for assessing traffic flow, weather impacts, and any potential road blockages before you embark on your journey.


Ensuring a seamless journey to Hatteras Island is achievable through proper preparation. DriveNC's real-time traffic updates and camera feeds empower you to navigate potential hurdles effortlessly. From steering clear of congestion to maneuvering around weather-related closures, this proactive approach enhances your overall experience. A well-informed traveler is a content traveler, so embark on your adventure with confidence. Safe travels to the captivating Hatteras Island!

By leveraging these steps, you're not just planning a trip but also curating a smooth, hassle-free escapade from the moment you depart. Embrace the thrill of discovering Hatteras Island without the dampening effects of unforeseen traffic snags or road closures. With at your fingertips, you'll navigate each twist and turn with ease, ensuring an unforgettable journey.