Photography Spots on Hatteras Island - Capture the Scenery

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Photography Spots on Hatteras Island: Capturing the Scenery

Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I had my camera with me on a trip!" Your photography will know no bounds on Hatteras Island – each setting is more breathtaking than the last! This barrier island off the coast of North Carolina is a photographer's dream come true. With Photography Spots on Hatteras Island around every turn, every vista is a photo opportunity.

We're talking wild ocean tides, peaceful sands, and that famous lighthouse that's like a pull for our lenses. But here's the best part – Hatteras is all about the raw, unfiltered beauty. It's where you can catch nature doing its thing, pure and simple. Hatteras Island is a thin barrier island stretching along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, making it a photographer's paradise with ever-changing light and dramatic seascapes.

Because Hatteras juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, photographers can capture the sunrise and sunset over the water, offering incredible opportunities to play with light and shadow. No matter what level of selfie king or landscape queen you are, Hatteras Island has something for you. Curious?

Let's jump into this guide and explore what makes this island a magical place to photograph. You will be guided through some of the best photography spots on the island, ensuring you return with lasting memories.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: Where Ocean Meets History

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at Night
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at Night

Next, visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, where history meets natural beauty. This is a great spot for night photography if you have equipment capable of night-time shots.

Or walk over to the jetty, where the original Cape Hatteras Lighthouse once stood. Over the years, it has become a stunning spot where the solid structure meets the ever-moving ocean. Photographers love this spot because they can capture the tides crashing against the rough stones, creating interesting compositions. The beach levels change frequently, adding even more drama and opportunities for creative shots. Bring a sturdy tripod for the sea mist that gives your photos a magical touch.

The Serene Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

If you're into wildlife and landscape photography, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is a spot you can't miss. It's a peaceful haven full of birds and other wildlife, perfect for capturing amazing photos.

The refuge has everything from marshes and ponds to beaches, giving you a variety of scenic backdrops. Early mornings and late afternoons, known as the golden hours, offer the best light for taking stunning pictures.

So, if you want to escape man-made structures and connect with nature, Pea Island is the place to be.

Hatteras Island Landscape Shots

There is a plethora of spots where you can grab gorgeous sunrise or sunset photos.  The best thing is you can literally do this anywhere on the island!  There is so much natural vegetation and combination of ocean, sound and connected creek waters to make your photography options endless.

Hatteras Island Landscape Sunset
Hatteras Island Landscape Sunset

Avon Pier: A Fisherman's Delight and Photographer's Dream

Avon Pier
Avon Pier

Our last stop is the Avon Pier, which is excellent for fishing and taking pictures. The pier juts into the ocean, giving you fantastic horizon views. It's a cool spot to snap photos of the island's day-to-day life, the tides coming in and going out, and how the light changes throughout the day. The way the pier is built makes for an excellent picture because it leads your eye to the horizon. So, if you're into photography, this is a must-see!


This guide has just scratched the surface of the photographic wonders that await on Hatteras Island. This island is full of surprises! There are beaches hidden around every bend and secret coves waiting to be discovered. So, come with an open mind and a curious eye, and be prepared to be surprised. Hatteras Island is more than just a compilation of the best photography spots; this is a place where nature surprises us with its beauty.