Best Places to Surf on Hatteras Island, NC

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5 Best Places to Surf on Hatteras Island, NC

Avon, North Carolina, is a surfer's paradise nestled within the Outer Banks. This coastal town offers various surf spots that cater to different skill levels, providing thrilling waves and stunning scenery. Here are five must-visit surf spots in Avon.

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach is iconic for its historic lighthouse and powerful, consistent waves. Ideal for experienced surfers, the beach offers challenging conditions, especially during hurricane season. The scenic lighthouse backdrop adds to the charm, making it a must-visit for surf enthusiasts.

Avon Pier

Avon Pier
Avon Pier

The Avon Pier is a popular spot offering waves suitable for all skill levels. The northern side of the pier is great for beginners, while the southern side provides more challenging conditions. The pier also fosters a sense of community, with nearby surf shops and cafes enhancing the experience.

S-Turns in Rodanthe

The S-Turns, located just North of Rodanthe, is a great surfing spot.  Ever since Highway 12 was removed in this section of Rodanthe and the Jug Handle Bridge was constructed, parking is tricky but you can still surf this beach.  You will have to walk further now that Highway 12 isn't paved, but it's worth it for some!

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The Haulover Day Use Area

The Haulover Day Use Area, between Avon and Buxton, caters to surfers of all levels. Waves range from gentle rollers to powerful swells, depending on the conditions. This picturesque spot is perfect for families and groups, offering picnic facilities and ample parking.


Avon, NC, offers some great surfing spots on the East Coast. From the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach to the Avon Pier, there's something for every surfer. Grab your board and head to these top spots to experience the vibrant surf culture of the Outer Banks.