Best Fresh Seafood Markets on Hatteras Island

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Best Fresh Seafood Markets on Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island boasts beautiful scenery and a marine culture, ensuring that seafood is part of the island’s culture. Local seafood shops on the island are something that has to be tapped; they provide fresh fish and other seafood delicacies that are symbolic of the coastal region. Below are five of the most recommended seafood shops in Hatteras Island for the freshest seafood and delicious dishes.

Risky Business Seafood

Risky Business Seafood is a local, popular seafood community on Hatteras Island offering fresh seafood. Located in the Hatteras Village, this market provides a diverse range of seafood products such as fresh fish, shrimps, clams, and crabs. The market boasts of locally sourced seafood, ensuring that each product is as fresh as it can be. If you are looking for ingredients that can be used in preparing your home-cooked meals or you are interested in well-prepared seafood, then Risky Business Seafood is well-equipped to supply all your needs with their professional and friendly services.

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Harbor House Seafood Market

Located in Hatteras Village, Harbor House Seafood Market is another which tourists should not miss. This is a family owned market that has fresh seafood that has been caught locally and that depicts the best of the Hatteras seafood. The market has a wide array of fish, shellfish and any other seafood delicacies and a popular destination for both residents and tourists. Harbor House Seafood Market also sells prepared boils that has already been cooked, making it favorable for people who wish to eat without the cooking!

Sunrise Seafood Market

Sunrise Seafood Market is known for its cleanliness and is one of my favorite spots on Hatteras Island for fresh, high-quality seafood.  It's typically open during the summer season with a wide variety of locally caught seafood off the coast of Hatteras Island, NC.  Get there early before your favorite seafood sells out.

Jeffrey’s Seafood

Jeffrey's Seafood has fish, shrimp and crab that have made it famous among which is located in Hatteras Village. The market sources its seafood directly from local fishermen so that customers are sure to get the freshest product possible. At Jeffrey’s Seafood everybody will find friendly and affable staff who are always glad to help with recommendations or cooking tips, making it a favourite place both for residents and tourists.

Surf’s Up Seafood Market

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Surf's Up Seafood Market offers many options of fresh seafood to choose from making it a popular destination for seafood lovers. The daily catches at this market include different kinds of fish, shrimp and shellfish. Surf’s Up sells quality seafood products thus showing their commitment to selling only fresh fish as well as other types of products they deal in. In addition, the shop offers ready-made meals consisting of seafood dishes which are ideal for those in need of quick tasty food on the go. Surf’s Up Seafood Market is an exceptional choice on the island because it has a standout environment and great service delivery.

Buxton Seafood

Buxton Seafood, located in the heart of Buxton, is a trusted source for fresh and locally caught seafood. The market offers a wide range of seafood options, from fish and shrimp to crab and clams. Buxton Seafood is committed to providing the highest quality products, sourcing directly from local fishermen. The market’s friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice on selecting and preparing seafood, ensuring that customers have a great experience. With its excellent selection and dedication to freshness, Buxton Seafood is a must-visit for anyone on Hatteras Island.

These five seafood shops on Hatteras Island each offer a unique and delightful experience, showcasing the best of what the local waters have to offer. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these markets provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the freshest seafood available, making your time on the island even more memorable.