Best Avon Beach Access on Hatteras Island

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Where is ocean beach access on Hatteras Island?

The beauty of the Outer Banks can be found on Hatteras Island where the stunning coastline and pristine beaches provide an unmatched opportunity for nature connection and enjoyment. Sometimes it might pose a challenge for visitors seeking access to the ocean, whether by foot or by car, to navigate the various access points that lead there.In this guide, we are going to discover exclusive options for gaining access to the ocean on Hatteras Island - places with parking and people that require a short walk included as well.

Ocean Access on Hatteras Island with Parking

For visitors who prefer the convenience of driving directly to the beach, several access points on Hatteras Island offer parking facilities nearby. One such location is Ramp 38, which is conveniently situated for those staying in Avon, NC.

Hatteras Island Ramp 38
Hatteras Island Ramp 38

If you are headed to Ramp 38, a planned route is a must. No parking exists on the beach but there are parking areas nearby. These designated lots ensure convenient access for beach goers — where you can enjoy a day of sun and surf without the frustration of finding parking space.

Where to Walk to Hatteras Island Ocean Access

To those who would rather explore on foot, numerous routes lead to the ocean beaches along Hatteras Island. Although some may entail a short walk, the stunning views and peaceful environs make it worthwhile - not every spot is easy to reach, which ensures less crowding and more enjoyment.

Walk to the beach from Seas the Breeze

Are you curious about the location for ocean access on Hatteras Island, check out our website now. It shows you the shortest path that leads you to walk directly towards the ocean, thus giving visitors a visual perspective and useful guidance on their journey.

Short Walk to the Ocean
Short Walk to the Ocean

It's important to note that though some of these pedestrian routes may not have parking lots directly at the access points, they provide a more isolated and peaceful beach experience. By surrounding yourself with the untouched natural beauty of Hatteras Island, you can better grasp the essence of this extraordinary place.


In summary, investigating the ocean beach access points on Hatteras Island unveils its own adventure - offering choices between driving or walking to reach the shorelines. Whether you lean towards ease with close beach parking or are drawn to peace along a scenic walk - everyone can find their own something to relish in.

When you arrange your trip to Hatteras Island, make a note to yourself on how you want to be with the ocean; and choose the best choice that fits what you would need. And please keep in mind no matter how you decide to explore the beaches of Hatteras Island, memories are certainly going to be made - ones that will stay with you long after you return back home.